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"Conifer Curtains 3"

Conifer, Colorado November 24, 2001
Fujicolor Professional Press P- 800
ISO 800 color negative film -- pushed 1 stop
Pentax Spotmatic camera with 28 mm lens at f/3.5 / 2 minute exposure


I awoke in Conifer, CO before dawn on November 24, 2001 and noticed an extremely bright generally red display of aurora with rays of white and light yellow, beginning west of Polaris in Cassiopeia, and moving slowly through north and stopping in the northeast in Cepheus. The display then dimmed, but returned in Cassiopeia soon, repeating the same general motion 2 additional times. The display began to dim and became a dull red glow along the north horizon about 05:15 AM MST, and then faded as the dawn began.

All the photographs were taken with a Pentax Spotmatic mounted on a traditional tripod. The lens was a 28mm at f/3.5; film was Fuji Professional Press P-800 color negative film pushed 1 stop. All exposures were 2 minutes and were taken between 04:15 AM MST and 05:30 AM MST (11:15-12:30 UT).

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